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ITG supprts Romeo Ferraris in US debut of

The Romeo Ferraris Cinquone USA

The Romeo Ferraris Cinquone USA

Wide and Menacing: 320HP and 0-60 that will shame most Sports Cars.

The Romeo Ferraris tuned, wide-bodied, 320HP Abarth 500 made it US debut at the 2012 SEMA Show. The car was shipped by Romeo Ferraris to ITG’s workshop in Anaheim Hills, California, where the components were fitted and painted. The Romeo Ferraris ‘Cinquone” is now back at ITG and will be displayed at the upcoming LA Auto Show. If you are interested in looking at the car and replicating the look on your own Abarth 500, contact us at (714) 970-2800 and we will schedule an appointment for you to test the car.

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