About Italian Tuning Group (ITG LLC)


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Italian Tuning Group
is a performance shop with fresh energy: like Jetblue for airlines, and Apple for computers, we break the traditional automotive shop mold. We believe that progress through racing is possible, and that one must offer impeccable service while aggressively following our client’s dreams and aspirations. Our shop is composed of experienced and proven technicians and racing staff that understand how to help clients deal with complex and exotic automotive issues.

EXOTIC AND GT CAR MAINTENANCE – At ITG we service and maintain exotics, supercars and high performance sports cars for a wide range of clientele. From minor oil changes to full engine rebuilds, ITG is the preventive maintenance choice for Southern California Car Enthusiasts that expect great service. You can expect great service at an average 33% discount from dealer service prices.

STREET PERFORMANCE – While many cars today leave the assembly floor of their manufacturer as capable of high performance, true car enthusiasts seek not only the utmost performance from their vehicle but also the customization that sets their car aside from all others. ITG is here to help. As official distributors for BBS Motorsports, X-OST Maranello, RDSport, Pirelli and others, ITG’s range of performance upgrades is almost limitless regardless of whether one seeks to appease the eye or the right foot. Moreover, at ITG we employ modern technology to assist in what the eye can’t see: for example, engine performance and engine tuning is assisted by the employment of an All-Wheel-Drive capable european Dyno that allows for instant and safe testing. Ultimately whether you seek wheels, suspension, brakes, engine upgrades, gear tuning or any other performance upgrade for the street, stop on by ITG first.